Are you a Cotton Grower?

GrowGreen Bio-fertilisers and Bio-stimulants for Cotton Crop

Grown in over 100 countries cotton is one of the most globally important commercial crops, it is both a food and fibre crop, producing cotton fibre, cottonseed and cottonseed oil. Cotton fibre accounts for ~31% of worldwide fibre production. Cottonseed is utilized in the animal feed industry and refined into vegetable oil for use in various food and products. However, the production of cotton crop is faced with major challengers, such as pest control, and maintaining profitability with the extensive farming and labour requirements. In 2015 the world cotton market was estimated at $77 billion (USD) ($108 billion AUD), since then, however, global cotton exports have witnessed a small decline. In the 2017-2018 period, Australia was the sixth largest producer of cotton. Most of the cotton produced in Australia is exported. The Australian cotton industry must maintain product quality in order to remain globally competitive.