Are you a Turf Grower?

Increasing Turf Quality and Production using GrowGreen Products

Under favourable growing conditions, producing and maintaining high-quality turf is labour and input intensive. The additional challenges brought on by the current drought and subsequent water shortages exacerbate management issues, causing industry professionals to investigate practices to mitigate the burden of reduced water availability. GrowGreen’s natural microbial digestion process using a proprietary blend of plant beneficial microbes creates products containing a comprehensive suite of bio stimulants for turf crops.

GrowGreen products provide growers with sustainable, environmentally-sound solutions.


GrowGreen products not only contain a broader spectrum of the classical phytohormones than leading competitors, but analytical results demonstrate consistency in the hormone levels.

Suitable Products

The use of GrowGreen products strengthens the plants defences against both biotic and abiotic stressors which increases efficiency and viability during drought conditions leading to an increase of turf production and quality. With a range of products offered to growers to meet varied management needs, the three-fundamental bio-fertiliser products offered by GrowGreen to turf growers are: –

Another product offering great promise and many benefits is Xtend™, which is an organically certified spray adjuvant made from food-grade canola oil and when mixed with fertilisers it improves their spreading ability and efficacy.