Are you a Wheat Grower?

The Effects of GrowGreen Fertilisers on Wheat Yield Increase

Wheat is the most important cereal grain in world commerce. With that prominence comes concern about the negative impact of fertilizer runoff, the high cost of external inputs, and the vulnerability of wheat crops to pests and diseases. Vigorous stands of high-yielding wheat must be supported in a manner that is ecologically and economically sustainable.

GrowGreen products enhance wheat yield and quality by pairing essential macronutrients with natural sources of micronutrients and biostimulants such as phytohormones, amino acids, and plant beneficial microbes. This mixture naturally enhances the vigor of any wheat crop. The wheat will not only be provided for nutritionally, it will be prepared to better provide for itself and have the elements it needs to withstand pathogens, pests, and environmental stressors. This means higher yields and healthier plants with less fertilizer inputs.