Microbe Plus® Kelp Premium

Product Description and Characteristics

Organically certified digested kelp with plant beneficial microbes.

Farmers rely heavily on new and developing agricultural technologies and crop inputs to improve yields in order to meet the growing food needs of an expanding population. Biostimulants such as Microbe Plus Kelp Premium help to improve the effectiveness of traditional fertiliser programs through the utilization of hormones, bioactive carbohydrates, and plant macro and micronutrients.


This unique process, used to manufacture AminoElite and developed through 25 years of R&D, allows us to preserve beneficial microbes and creates nutrients in the form of absorbable amino acids. Plants will rapidly absorb these nutrients in a noticeably shorter time than with conventional fertilisers.

Microbe Plus Kelp Premium is an organically certified liquid fertiliser that has been created via a unique process that digests different seaweed species with beneficial microbes. This process has created a powerful product that incorporates non-disturbed natural extracts of seaweeds with plant nutrients.

The product can be applied both in soil and leaf, which guarantees flexibility in terms of time, type and number of treatments.


Uses of Seaweeds in Agriculture

The sea provides seaweed species with a totally balanced and nutritional balance. Scientific literature has shown that the proportions of trace minerals and other elements in sea water is optimum for the growth of plants, not only for the sea plants but also for land species.

A common feature to all seaweeds is the fact that they contain biostimulants mainly as hormones and plant beneficial carbohydrates. Plant hormones are predominantly framed within “The big five”, with auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, abscisic acid and ethylene. With these hormones, plants are able to trigger all different plant mechanisms to better deal with the metabolism, deal with stress situation, resistance against a pathogenic attack, etc.

But also, seaweeds contain plant beneficial carbohydrates with remarkable importance on plant growth increase and development. For instance, alginates enhance the assimilation of nitrogen or the concentration of fatty acids. However other carbohydrates can stimulate the formation of chlorophyll, or increase the plant natural defense against viral, bacterial and fungal attach.

Seaweed composition varies among species. That is why Microbe Plus Kelp Premium contains two different seaweeds. Botanically they belong to different families. Geographically they have been collected from completely different environmental conditions. The combination of these factors guarantees a superior fertiliser that contains all plant hormones with the plant stimulants explained above.

Microbe Plus Kelp Premium is different than traditional fertilisers and crop inputs in a couple of critical ways. They operate through different mechanisms than fertilisers, regardless of the nutrient content; they are different from crop protection products as they increase a plant’s vigour instead of taking a direct action against pests or diseases. This makes biostimulants complementary to crop nutrition and protection.


of applications
Horticultural crops1.5-2 l3-4- Pre flowering
- Post flowering
- Fruit enlargement
Broadacre Winter
1.5-2 l1-2- Mid tillering
- Grain filling stage
Broadacre Summer
1.5-2 l2-3- Pre flowering
- Post flowering
- Grain filling stage
Annual and perennial
2-3L3-4- Post grazing
Nitrogen (N)as protein0.20%
Phosphorus (P)as water soluble0.10%
Potassium (K)as protein0.30%

Microbe Plus Kelp Premium can be mixed and applied with the most commonly used pesticides. Unless specified otherwise, a mixing test is recommended before use.

Microbe Plus Kelp Premium is available in 20 l bottles or 1000 l (IBC) containers.

T20L U1000L

A blend of soluble kelp, calcium, vitamins, molasses, microbes and fungal promoters.

Microbe Plus Kelp Premium can be used both; as a soil drench or as foliar spray. It is an excellent soil conditioning agent which increases root development while conferring greater plant resistance to stress and frost.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use Microbe Plus Kelp Premium with Xtend TM plant oil adjuvant. Its application ensures better wetting of the leaf surface and prolongs the retention time of the nutrients on the leaves.

Microbe Plus Kelp Premium should be stored between +5°C to +35°C. For prolonged exposure to lower temperatures, IBC containers are preheated for 24 hours prior to application to activate microbial activity. It is desirable to keep the product in a well-lit place so that the microbiological process is not interrupted. It is recommended to use within 12 months of the date of manufacture.


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