Product Description and Characteristics

ProAmin is an amino acid based feed and biostimulant for poultry



It has undergone a proprietary six month process involving the enzymatic and bacterial digestion of marine-sourced proteins. This breakdown of protein molecules means that the birds can readily absorb nutrients efficiently and rapidly.

The nutrients in ProAmin are in a very easily digestible form as it is from an organic source. Most feed formulations do not consider bio availability of micro nutrients, hence there is always a possibility of deficiency. ProAmin addresses such deficiency and tops-up such essential nutrients. The microbes help fight bacteria.


  • 50% reduction in mortality rates (verified in overseas tests).
  • FCR (weight gain to feed consumption) is greater than or equal to stockfeed containing synthetic amino acids.
  • Trial results strongly indicate that stockfeed containing a combination of synthetic amino acids and ProAmin improves feed consumption.
  • ProAmin employs pro biotic bacteria in both the digestion and stabilisation process. These processes use proprietary enzymes which reduce the protein to highly digestible L form amino acids.
  • ProAmin costs less that synthetic amino acids.
  • ProAmin also contains the following: micro nutrients (essential for growth and well-being of chickens), magnesium, manganese, zinc, selenium, boron, molybdenum, silicon.



  • Increased egg mass and or hen/day production improvement
  • Marginal reduction in feed consumption after a few weeks of usage
  • Lesser infection in digestive system on regular usage
  • Longer period / higher hen house production



  • Avoid using ProAmin for 24 to 34-week old birds.
  • Start ProAmin when the birds are 35 weeks of age and continue until they are culled. (Response will be positive between 35 to 65 week of age)
  • Suggested daily dosage is 75 mL per 1000 birds (assuming 1.5 kg body weight birds)
  • It is recommended to review the dosage and make any correction once every 4 weeks if necessary
  • To be administered in the evening drinking water, when the albumin production starts


S. NoCharacteristicsPro-Amin*
2Total Nitrogen (%)2.632
3Total Phosphorus0.689
4Total Potassium (%)0.954
5Sodium (%)1.274
6Calcium (%)1.102
7Magnesium (%)4.804
8Chlorides (mg kg 1 / mg L-1)390
9Sulphates (mg kg 1 / mg L-1)9245
10Iron (mg kg 1 / mg L-1)76
11Manganese (mg kg 1 / mg L-1)1208
12Copper (mg kg 1 / mg L-1)67
13Zinc (mg kg 1 / mg L-1)1030
* Mean of 5 replications
Source:Tamil Nadu Agricultural University-Coimbatore India, August 2009
Note: Selenium presence is via the marine protein by product.

AminoElite can be mixed and applied with most commonly used pesticides, however, AminoElite should not be used with selected herbicides.

We strongly recommend checking labels for compatibility as well as testing in a small area prior to widespread application.

AminoElite is rainfast in 15 minutes. We suggest not applying if rain is expected shortly after application.

Mineral Content (W/V)Form%
Phosphorus (P) 0.500%
Potassium (?) 0.500%
Calcium (Ca) 0.500%
Boron (B)as Boric Acid0.080%
Molybdenum (Mo)as Sodium Molybdate0.006%
Zinc (Zn)as Sulphate0.050%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.500%
Magnesium (Mg)as Sulphate0.030%
Iron (Fe) 0.006%
Copper (Cu) 0.005%
Manganese (Mn) 0.006%
Sulfur (S)as Sulphate0.900%
Plus all other trace elements, enzymes, microbes etc.

Amino Elite® is available in the following containers:

20L and 1000L

For optimal results, it is recommended to use with the Xtend™ plant oil adjuvant, registered by GrowGreen Australia. Its application ensures better wetting of the treated surface and prolongs the retention time of the solution on the leaves.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use with the Xtend™ plant oil adjuvant, registered by GrowGreen Australia. Its application ensures better wetting of the treated surface and prolongs the retention time of the solution on the leaves.

Amino Elite® should be stored at + 5°C to + 35°C. For prolonged exposure to lower temperatures, IBC containers are preheated for 24 hours prior to application to activate microbial activity. Exposure to direct sunlight is not recommended, but it is desirable to keep the product in a well-lit place so that the microbiological process is not interrupted. It is recommended to use within 14 months of the date of manufacture.


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