AminoKelp Premium

Product Description and Characteristics

Organic microbially active fertiliser, packed with vital amino acids and growth hormones


AminoKelp Premium is an organic microbially active fertiliser; it is packed with vital amino acids and growth hormones. It also contains a full spectrum of macro and micronutrients. The inclusion of both amino acids and plant growth hormones increases the efficiency of the product exponentially, as the combination works together symbiotically, providing heightened benefits compared to supplementation of either component alone. This product has been designed to be used as a foliar fertiliser; however it can also be used in soil applications.


AminoKelp Premium incorporates the benefits of two GrowGreen Organic products, AminoOrganic Premium and Microbe Plus Kelp Premium. Being a biofertilisers, AminoKelp Premium contains fungi and bacteria (PGPR). Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria are found in the rhizosphere of plants or on the root surface and are known to promote plant growth and strength plant defences.



Known as primary plant metabolites, amino acids are synthesized as intermediate products within the plant through metabolic processes. They play a key role in protein synthesis as well as performing essential functions in primary and secondary plant metabolism processes.

Amino acids play key roles both, within plants and when found in the soil. Supplementation through foliar or soil applications has profound positive impacts on plants, notably better quality growth and higher yields; symbiotic relationships in the soil foster improved microbiology in the root zone. Adding high-quality, amino acids in forms plants can assimilate (L-shaped) decreases the available energy used for amino acid synthesis, allowing plants to utilise it elsewhere.

AminoKelp Premium contains all of the amino acids that are involved in protein formation. This guarantees a supply with the units to form whatever protein needed by the plant to deal with any situation of stress.



Cellular processes within the plant are regulated by chemicals known as hormones. Hormones are defined as “an organic compound produced naturally in higher plants, controlling growth or other physiological functions at a site remote from its place of production and active in minute amounts.”


Plant metabolism is mainly controlled by 5 major hormones;

  • Auxins are known for its role in stimulating cell elongation. Auxin is found in actively growing areas of the plant such as the seed embryo, young leaves, apical buds, and root tissues. In some plants, it encourages flowering or fruit setting and growth.
  • Cytokinins control cell division and differentiation, but they have also been shown to affect other processes: leaf senescence, nutrient mobilization within the plant, formation and control of apical meristems, floral development, bud dormancy, and seed germination.
  • Gibberellins stimulates cell elongation, they function similarly to auxins. Gibberellins are most important in the stems, fruits, and seeds of plants. They are responsible for stem elongation and bolting, and breaking the dormancy in seeds and buds.
  • Abscisic Acid elicits protective measures in plants as a response to environmental stresses. It plays critical roles in maintaining the dormancy of both seeds and buds, inhibiting shoot growth, and protecting plants from water loss by closing leaf stomata in times of water stress.
  • Ethylene is formed within almost all parts of the plant as a gaseous compound and then released into the air. The largest amounts are released by ripening fruits, senescing flowers and leaves, and the nodes of stems. Ethylene is responsible for fruit ripening, leaf abscission, and sex expression in flowers through genetic expression regulating cellular differentiation or development.


AminoKelp Premium contains all of the above hormones. They are sourced from different seaweed extracts. During the manufacturing of the product, any hazardous chemical, including strong acid/alkali have been used. This ensures that the molecular structure of the hormones maintain their natural shape.

Adding AminoKelp Premium to a traditional fertiliser program increases overall plant health and quality to provide higher yields, improves soil structure and microbiology, and helps to reduce inorganic inputs.


AminoKelp Premium contains the following amino acids.

Amino acidContent in %Biological function
Aspartic acid8.4%Storage and transport form of nitrogen;
Threonine4.0%Improves drought tolerance;
Serine5.5%Chlorophyll production, Stomata regulation, Improve Pollination;
Glutamic acid11%Chlorophyll production, stomata regulation, pollination, seed germination;
Prolin7%Heat, salt and drought tolerance;
Glycine19.5%Chelation, Heat tolerance, Chlorophyll production
Alanine10%Chlorophyll production, seed germination;
Valine5%Drought tolerance, seed germination;
Methionine2%Ripening, stomata regulation;
Isoleucine3.5%Salt and Drought tolerance, improves pollination;
Leucine6%Salt and Drought tolerance, improves pollination;
Tyrosine1.5%Drought tolerance, pollen formation, seed germination;
Phenylalanine3%Lignin formation;
Histidine1.5%Stimulates fruit ripening;
Lysine5%Chlorophyll production, seed germination;
Arginine4%Stimulates root development; stimulates the synthesis of growth phytohormones;
Hydroxiproline2.5%Structural integrity, improves pollination;
AABA0.1%Stress response
GABA0.5%Stress response

AminoKelp Premium contains the following concentration of hormones.



CropApplication rate l/haNumber of applications and Timing
Horticultural crops1.5-2L3-4
-pre flowering
-post flowering
-fruit enlargement stage
Broadacre Winter crops1.5-2L1-2
-Mid tillering
-Grain filling stage
Broadacre Summer crops1.5-2L2-3
-pre flowering
-post flowering
-grain filling stage
Annual and perennial pasture2-3L3-4
-Post grazing

*To be diluted in a minimum of 100L of water p/Ha.  Spray to point of runoff.

Nitrogen (N)as protein0.35%
Phosphorus (P)as protein0.10%
Potassium (K)as molasses0.15%
Sulfur (S)as protein0.25%

AminoKelp Premium can be mixed and applied with the most commonly used pesticides. Unless something else is specified, a mixing test is recommended before use.

AminoKelp Premium is available in 20 l bottles or 1000 l (IBC) containers.

T20L U1000L

For optimal results, it is recommended to use AminoKelp Premium with Xtend ™ plant oil adjuvant, registered by GrowGreen Australia. Its application ensures better wetting of the treated surface and prolongs the retention time of the solution on the leaves.

AminoKelp Premium should be stored at + 5°C to + 35°C. For prolonged exposure to lower temperatures, IBC containers are preheated for 24 hours prior to application to activate microbial activity. It is desirable to keep the product in a well-lit place so that the microbiological process is not interrupted. It is recommended to use within 12 months of the date of manufacture.


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