Microbe Plus™ Kelp

Product Description and Characteristics

Microbially digested kelp fortified with plant beneficial microbes

Microbe Plus® Kelp has been created via a unique process that blends and digests high grade soluble kelp powders with beneficial microbes, fungi and bacteria. This process has created an excellent, high nutrient rich fertiliser.


Utilising our unique digestive process Microbe Plus Kelp is biologically active. Kelp extracts contain high concentrations of plant hormones (e.g. cytokinins, gibberellins). These have been shown to significantly increase biological activities in soils and to stimulate growth of vegetables, fruits and other crops. Grow Green’s unique process of formulation has allowed us to create a highly available soil and plant efficient fertiliser.

Kelp is also known to stimulate microbes that break down cellulose and other materials in the soil, thus increasing the formation of hummus and improving soil structure. Microbe Plus Kelp can be used as both a soil drench and foliar spray. It is an excellent soil conditioning agent which can help aid root development and is known to create greater plant resistance to stress and frost. Seaweed itself contains many organic compounds and as such it’s an excellent natural fertiliser. Kelp contains an algin acid which can also help boost water retention. It is also known that kelp aids seed germination.

Microbe Plus Kelp will also help protect against soil borne pathogens. Microbe Plus Kelp is non harmful to the environment. Being a natural product it poses no threats to worms, bees and many insects that help aid organic culture. It will aid the plants uptake of nutrients and can improve both growth and flowering in certain crops.

It contains complex carbohydrates which help feed the soil microbes. All the nutrients in Microbe Plus Kelp have been microbially digested using Grow Green’s proprietary blend of beneficial soil microbes. This process emulates the natural process found in nature and converts the nutrients into 100% plant available form.


Are you growing wine grapes? Click on this link to learn more and view a video about how Grow Green can help increase frost resistance and immunity to diseases like Botrytis. Grow Green’s hormones also assist in evenly ripening of the grapes.


Microbe Plus® Kelp is suitable for use in a wide range of market sectors – some are listed here: Horticulture, Pasture, Broad Acre, Viticulture, Turf

CropRate/ha*Number of applications
Horticultural crops3-4L3-4 foliar applications: pre-flowering, post flowering and fruit enlargement stage
Broadacre Winter crops2-3LLiquid injection at seed sowing stage, 2 foliar applications (mid tillering and booting - grain filling stage)
Broadacre Summer crops3-4L2-3 foliar applications: pre-flowering, post flowering and grain filling stage
Annual and perennial pasture3-4L3-4 foliar applications post grazing
*Diluted in a minimum of 100L of water per hectare. We recommend foliar spray to the point of run off. Pending soil and leaf analysis, application rates may vary. The above should be used as a guide only. Avoid spraying in high temperature and high UV conditions.

NutrientFormAnalysis (W/V)
Nitrogen (N)as nitrate0.20%
Phosphorus (P)as water soluble0.10%
Potassium (K)as molasses
as soluble potash
Calcium (Ca)as nitrate0.40%

Microbe Plus Kelp can be mixed and applied with most commonly used pesticides and fungicides, however, we strongly recommend checking labels for compatibility as well as pre testing in a small area prior to widespread application.

Microbe Plus® Kelp is available in the following containers and prices.

Price1000 L.20 L.
Litre Price [ex GST] $3.30$4.00
Recommended Retail (RRP) [ex GST]$3,300$80
Litre Price [inc GST]$3.36$4.40
Recommended Retail (RRP) [inc GST]$3,630$88
Product prices landed in store as of March 2019
*Our range of custom blend products remain available. Price on application.

A blend of soluble kelp, calcium, vitamins, molasses, microbes and fungal promoters.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use with the Xtend™ plant oil adjuvant, registered by GrowGreen Australia. Its application ensures better wetting of the treated surface and prolongs the retention time of the solution on the leaves.

Microbe Plus Kelp should be stored at ambient temperature conditions. It is recommended to be stored within a well lit area so that the microbial digestion process within the product continues. Some sedimentation will rise after prolonged storage. As such, we recommend use within 12 months of the date of manufacture.

When used in conjunction with Xtend® plant oil adjuvant, Microbe Plus Kelp foliar spray is rain fast in 15 minutes.


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