Microbe Plus® Potassium

Product Description and Characteristics

Provides plants with a quick response to Potassium deficiency.

Microbe plus® Potassium has been created via a unique process that digests potassium citrate together with trace elements, carbohydrates and selected cultures. The result is an excellent nutrient supplement.


Utilizing a unique digestive process, Microbe Plus Potassium is biologically active. It will help rectify deficiencies quickly and effectively. Microbe Plus Potassium has been designed for foliar application to horticultural crops and grain crops during the fruit/seed-fill stages. Potassium is essential for the translocation of sugars into the fruit, and to complete the starch formation process. Adequate supply of potassium is vital during the fruit filling stage. Most soils are not nutritionally balanced. These results are less than optimal uptake of potassium.

Potassium citrate (chelated form) is highly beneficial as a foliar application since it can readily mobilize into the internal tissues and translocate readily within the plant.



  • Enhance potassium mobility
  • Potassium citrate does not interfere with sap nitrogen levels during the critical fruit filling stage
  • Enhance citric acid cycle and energy production (ATP).



Microbe Plus Potassium provides high concentrations of potassium in a chelated form of citrate. Potassium can become locked and trapped between clay particles in the soil, therefore foliar application of Microbe Plus Potassium will overcome this issue.


Microbe Plus Potassium is suitable for use in a range of horticultural and broadacre crops including nuts, apple, citrus, potato, grapes, pasture, dairy and sugarcane.

CropRate/ha*Number of applications
Horticultural crops4 to 5L3-4 foliar applications, fruit enlargement stage
Broadacre Winter crops2-3L1 foliar application, grain filling stage
Broadacre Summer crops4-5L2 foliar applications, grain filling stage
*To be diluted in a minimum of 100L of water per hectare. We recommend foliar spray to the point of run off. Pending soil and leaf analysis, application rates may vary. The above should be used as a guide only.
Avoid spraying in high temperature and high UV conditions.

NutrientFormAnalysis (w/v)
Potassium (K)as citrate11.00%
Sulphur (S)as sulphate0.10%
Zinc (Zn)as sulphate0.022%
Iron (Fe)as sulphate0.004%
Boron (Bo)as sodium borate0.014%
Molybdenum (Mo)as sodium molybdate0.0017%
Cobalt (Co)as sulphate0.001%

Microbe Plus Potassium can be mixed and applied with most commonly used pesticides and fungicides, however, we strongly recommend checking labels for compatibility as well as testing in a small area prior to widespread application.

Microbe Plus Potassium is available in the following containers and prices.

Price1000 L.20 L.
Litre Price [ex GST]$5.40$5.45
Recommended Retail (RRP) [ex GST]$5,400$109
Litre Price [inc GST]$5.94$6.00
Recommended Retail (RRP) [inc GST]$5,940$120
Product prices landed in store as of March 2019
*Our range of custom blend products remain available. Price on application.

Potassium in liquid form with beneficial plant and soil beneficial fungi and bacteria.

For optimal results, it is recommended to use with the Xtend™ plant oil adjuvant, registered by GrowGreen Australia. Its application ensures better wetting of the treated surface and prolongs the retention time of the solution on the leaves.

Microbe Plus Potassium should be stored at ambient temperature. It is recommended to be stored within a well lit area so that the microbial digestion process within the product continues. Sedimentation will rise after prolonged storage. As such we recommend use within 12 months of the date of manufacture.

When used in conjunction with Xtend® plant oil adjuvant, AminoOrganic Premium foliar spray is rainfast in 15 minutes.


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