Amino Kelp

Product Description and Characteristics

A microbial digested blend of amino acids, kelp and macro/micro nutrients.

AminoKelp is a liquid fertiliser that can be applied as both soil fertiliser and to the plant leaves through fertigation. It incorporates the benefits of two GrowGreen products, AminoElite™ and Microbe Plus® Kelp.

Plants will rapidly absorb these nutrients in a noticeably shorter time than with conventional fertilisers. AminoKelp can be applied as either a foliar, down the line at planting or through fertigation. AminoElite™ is a soil and foliar fertiliser which is produced after the microbial digestion of deep sea fish emulsion and crustaceans.  This fertiliser has a unique profile and concentration of amino acids, the building block of the proteins and hence essential for plant growth.

On the other hand Microbe Plus® Kelp is a liquid fertiliser which incorporates two different seaweed species that have been microbially digested. It also incorporates plant nutrients and beneficial fungi and bacteria. The seaweed in Microbe Plus® Kelp are, loaded with different plant hormones and biostimulants, the two chosen species have been thoroughly selected in order to provide the product with a full range of plant hormones.

Thus AminoKelp will supply the plant with amino acids, the products of the seaweed digestion and a complete spectrum of plant macro and micro nutrients. The combination of these three features will enhance plant growth with greater vigour and eventually will lead in an increase of yield and quality.



  • AminoKelp has been designed to be used in all the different types of crops as it helps plants to build resilience and overall vigour. It also helps the crop to deal with both biotic and abiotic stress e.g. insect attack, foliar and root disease, drought, frost, heat sunburn etc.
  • AminoKelp will help to reduce the inconvenient of a “hidden hungry” as it incorporates essential trace elements.
  • As the product incorporates the benefits of AminoElite™ and Microbe Plus® Kelp, AminoKelp simplifies field application with a remarkable cost reduction
  • By providing these benefits the plant is capable of growing to its genetic potential.


AminoKelp contains minimum 3.5% (w/v) Amino Acids with the approximate composition of:

Amino acidContentMetabolic functions of AA
Aspartic acid7.6%Seed germination;
Threonine4.1%Improves drought tolerance;
Serine5.7%Chlorophyll production, Stomata regulation, Improve Pollination;
Glutamic acid11.3%Chlorophyll production, stomata regulation, pollination, seed germination;
Prolin7.1%Heat, salt and drought tolerance;
Glycine21.6%Chelation, Heat tolerance, Chlorophyll production
Alanine10.3%Chlorophyll production, seed germination;
Valine4.4%Drought tolerance, seed germination;
Methionine2.3%Ripening, stomata regulation;
Isoleucine3.1%Salt and Drought tolerance, Pollination;
Leucine5.7%Salt and Drought tolerance, Pollination;
Phenylalanine2.4%Humic compound, lignin formation;
Histidine1.8%Aids fruit ripening;
Lysine5.7%Chlorophyll production, seed germination;
Arginine4.8%Root development, induces Flowering and Fruiting Hormones;
Tyrosine2.2%Drought stress tolerance, Pollination, Pollen germination
* Being a microbial product the concentration of the different amino acids may vary.

AminoKelp is suitable to use on a wide range of horticultural crops – for example tomatoes, grapes, almonds, walnuts, citrus, bananas, mangoes, apples, and many other vegetables and fruits.

CropApplication rate l/haNumber of applications and Timing
Horticultural crops1.5-2L3-4 foliar applications: pre-flowering, post flowering and fruit enlargement stage
Broadacre Winter crops1.5-2LLiquid injection at seed sowing stage, 2 foliar applications (mid tillering and booting - grain filling stage)
Broadacre Summer crops1.5-2L2-3 foliar applications: pre-flowering, post flowering and grain filling stage
Annual and perennial pasture2-3L3-4 foliar applications post grazing
*To be diluted in a minimum of 100L of water p/Ha. Spray to point of runoff.

NutrientFormAnalysis (W/V)
Nitrogen (N)as protein
as nitrate
as urea
as ammonia
Phosphorus (P)as water soluble0.70%
Potassium (?)as protein
as phosphate
Magnesium (Mg)as sulphate0.02%
Sulfur (S)as sulphate0.55%
Zinc (Zn)as sulphate0.07%
Manganese (Mn)as sulphate0.03%
Iron (Fe)as sulphate0.005%
Boron (B)as sodium borate0.04%
Molybdenum (Mo)as sodium molybdate0.01%
Cobalt (Co)as sulphate0.0025%

AminoKelp can be mixed and applied with most commonly used pesticides, however we strongly recommend checking labels for compatibility as well as pre testing in a small area prior to widespread application. AminoKelp is rainfast in 15 minutes. We suggest not applying if rain is expected shortly after application.

Amino Kelp is available in the following containers and prices.

Price1000 L.20 L.
Litre Price [ex GST]$7.70$8.95
Recommended Retail (RRP) [ex GST]$7,700$179
Litre Price [inc GST]$8.47$9.85
Recommended Retail (RRP) [inc GST]$8,470$197
Product prices landed in store as of March 2019
*Our range of custom blend products remain available. Price on application.

Use with GrowGreen’s Xtend® plant oil adjuvant for optimum results. Xtend® will maximise the result by reducing drift and increasing adherence to the sprayed surface.

Shelf Life up to 12 months from manufacture. AminoKelp should be stored at ambient temperature conditions. It is recommended to be stored within a well-lit area so that the microbial digestion process within the product continues.


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